Welcome to my blog!

You’ve probably never seen my blog before, but it definatly existed already. I used to blog in Dutch, but I’ve decided to split my blog into Dutch and English. This way I can improve my English and make my blog approachable for more people. If you ever see a mistake in my spelling or grammar don’t be afraid to tell me about it, I’ll do my best but I won’t be able to do without yor help!

Let me introduce myself: I’m Maud – Which is pronounced as Mouth, only not with th but just with a t – and I’m 16 years old. I started my blog as part of a schoolproject I do about YouTube and Blogs, if you are interested feel free to ask me about it. It turned out that I liked blogging so much that I didn’t want to stop. In my spare time I like to read a lot. I’ve completed my reading challenge of 50 books for this years, that’s a lot compairing to the 8 books of last year. Contemporary is the genre I read the most, but I enjoy other Young Adult books like fantasty or distopian as well. Next to reading are drawing and watching YouTube video’s a huge hobby’s. I’m not a good drawer though, but at least I try.

Back to my site… I can’t say there’s one particular subject, I just blog about the things I like at that moment. Books and fandoms are things that come back regularly. I also like to talk about the fun things I do in my life, like going to concerts or bookish events. Not to brag, but this way you can enjoy the events even if you weren’t there. Sometimes I write about fashion or make-up. I really like those things, but I’m not that good at making outfitphoto’s and I have to practice om my make-up some more as well. The last thing I like to talk about are things that anoy me or I wonder about. like men with make-up or  second-hand clothes.

If you are curious or like to read more feel free to subcribe on my blog. It would be great to  see you back!


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