Ready for another year?

Let’s start with the fact that I truly hate a new year.
Okay I don’t hate the new year, but I hate the ending of a year. It makes me sad to think about how you’ll never be able to get back to that year. However next year will be a year full of new chances. I wanted to make a blogpost about all the things that I did this year, but that would be a few thousend words. Therefore I decided to talk a little bit about this year and to look forward to next year.

After I made a thread on Twitter I found out that I did so much more cool things than I could remember. Lucky for me I started my Dutch blog in June and I made an overview about what I did every month. That way I could reread what I did  and I already forgot most of it.

Besides starting my blog I did a lot of other very cool stuff.
I went 4 times to the cinema and I saw Allegiant, Nerve, Fantastic beasts and Inferno. I really liked all of these movies.
I went to 5 concerts. Three of them were Dutch so you probably Don’t know them and I went to Jay Brannan and a tribute for Michael Jackson.
I went to 2 musicals. I saw the Dutch version of Grease and the musical of a Dutch book.
I went on multiple vacations. I went to Italy, London and to an island at the top of The netherlands.
Next to all of this I also did a lot of other cool things like going to the sea and shop in other city’s.

I probably forgot about a lot of stuff, but these were the best things that I did in 2016. Besides the new friends that I made of course and the nice people that I met.
This also was the year that I started to read a lot. I already read, but this year I started to read a lot. I completed my reading challenge very easily and even went 6 books over it.

Within a few hours it’s already 2017, a year where I have planned a lot already. I have my finals which I hopefully will pas, I will go to Yalfest, a concert and to France. I will do a lot more, but I kinda live in the moment. I’m already very excited and I will share all the awesome stuff on my blog. I will make a overview every month again and I might write something about the events that I will attend.

I hope you all had a great year and I want to wish you all a happy 2017!



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