The best moments of December

You probably haven’t followed my Dutch blog, so you don’t know yet. Every person has to do a big project in your final year of high school and I finished mine on the first on December. It was about how YouTubers and bloggers affect teenagers. So I had the presentation that day and I was very nervous because I kinda still had to finish the project on that day… Well that’s me. It all went very well, everybody was super interested and they all wanted to see my blog. When I told them that I still blogging they sort of forced me to continue because they loved it so much.
Later that week I went to see Fantastic Beasts with my cousin. We also found out that we can’t say “beasts”. The movie was amazing!! At some point I laughed so hard that I accidentally spit my Red bull into my face, my cousin’s face and the face of a girl who I didn’t know. Oops. I shouldn’t have bought that 0,5 L of Red bull I think.

On Monday it was a Dutch holiday which we celebrated at my grandma’s like every other year. I got so many cool presents! They got IMG-20161218-WA0001.jpgme a book, a recordplayer and so many other things. I’ve wanted a record player for so long, but I never bought one.
We also bought ourselves a christmastree and we decorated it that week.

The next week it turned out that I’m an idiot. I fell down the stairs at school… Yes that was very, very embarrassing. The day after we helped a friend moving to her new house which was a lot of fun, but I couldn’t lift stuff. I didn’t want to feel too useless, so I tried to lift the stuff that I could with one arm.
On sunday we went to our church to buy some vinyls. Like I already said my mom got me a recordplayer, but I didn’t have any music to play on it. I do now! My mom and I bought 4 vinyls. Later that day we had a birthday at our neighbour’s and I played Mario Kart all day. I failed at it though, I drove the wrong was multiple time and once drove half a lap while watching my friend’s screen.

On wednesday I went to the hairdresser to cut my hair very short. I already wanted that for a little while and I finally had the guts to 20161224_144600do it.
The day after we celebrated Christmas at school and after that it was
already time for the Christmasholiday.

I must say that I didn’t do a lot of useful things the first week. I started to watch Star wars and Percy Jackson and I saw all of Lord of the ring and The hobbit. I never saw any of those, so I decided it was time now.
On Christmas eve my mom and I went to the cinema to see Inferno and we really loved that.
We had Christmas dinner at my grandma and on boxing day we went to the beach with our friend and her daughter.20161226_122831
My cousin and I made the mistake to go shopping the day after Christmas, so it was very busy. It was fun though and we accidentally got my bike stuck somewhere.

The rest of the week was spent again by watching movies and series. I saw the second one of Star wars and I watched a lot of Fuller house episodes.
On saterday it was already the end of the year. I had to work all day and when I came home we had a party. We were with 8 people and it was a lot of fun. First we had dinner with a big buffet, I’m not a big foodlover, but this was very nice. I especially loved the deserts.
After that we played a game of bingo which was a lot of fun. We first watched a little tv and suddenly it was 12 already. We had a little champagne problem like every year which was quite funny. We were outside to watch the fireworks for almost an hour, but I didn’t light anything myself. 20170101_000754
That was already the end of 2016, Happy new year everyone!


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