Celebrate books box January

Since last year we have our own book subscibtion box in The Netherlands. It’s called the Celebrates books box.
Normally you don’t know which book is in the boox. You can try to guess it of course, but that is not as much fun. I don’t want to spend this amount of money on a box every month, but it is really nice. I like to watch unboxing video’s of this box from other people and that makes me as happy as getting it myself. When I heard there would be a box for the book Cinder I wanted to make an exception. I already wanted the book anyway and it would be nice to get some stuff with it.

Since it was already told what the book would be I will start with that. It’s Cinder by 20170130_095322Marissa Meyer, the first book in the Lunar Chronicles series. Blossom books, a Dutch publisher, started to publish this series in Dutch. I already wanted to read the book, because it sounds very cool, but I don’t read a lot of books like this. That made me a bit scared, I had the feeling I wouldn’t understand it. So it will be hard enough in Dutch. I hope I will like it and a review will follow later. There also was the really beautiful bookmark with it.

The first thing I got out of the box was this little notebook with Queen Levana on it. I haven’t read the book yet, but it looks very nice. The drawing is beautiful and I can’t wait 20170130_095501to use it. Although I don’t know what I will use it for yet, because I don’t want to use it for school. There also was this pin with the cover of the book on it. I never really wear pins on my clothes or anything, but I collect them on a tote bag. I already have a few pretty ones, so this one will look good with that. We already knew there would be a item from Geekyclean in the box, but we didn’t know what. It happened to be soap that goes by the book. My mom and I had a discussion about the books. My mom thought tea and I thought Berries. It was Cherry blossom, so we were okay with Cherry tea. It does smell very good. I still have a lot of soap and I don’t want to ruin it. Maybe I will put it on my shelves with the book.20170130_095441

Every month there’s a card with a quote on it, this time it was a line from the books. I
already put it on my door. I might use this planner to replace the pages in my bullet journal. I never used them, but I do like to have an overview. They are to big, so I might stick them over 2 pages or just leave them like this.

There was a voucher to print a picture as a large polaroid. I stick them to the side of my bookshelves to make it look better. A big one would get a lot of attention, so I want it to be nice. Maybe I want a picture of me and my friends, another nice one that I’ve made or something with books.

The last things in there were the 20170130_095424new Best of YA magazine, which is from another
publisher. I’m always late with getting it in a bookstore, so it was nice to have it in there. I didn’t have to hope there was a lost one somewhere again. And there were some fake tattoos from the new book Carve the Mark. I won’t use them soon, but it might be nice for an event.

And that was the box of this month. I really like the things that were in there and if I had some more money I would buy it more often. If I would buy it another time would you like to see an unboxing again?



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