The best moments of January


Can you believe a new year is here?
I started my year with doing absolutely nothing. Well not nothing, I watched a few films again.
On tuesday my mom and I decided it was time to go outside, so we wanted to shop. I only bought This amazing book is not on fire, but it was still a lot of fun. During the rest of my holiday I read The sky is everywhere, This amazing book is not on fire and We were liars.
On sunday we went to our annual new year’s party. It was a lot of fun, but we couldn’t stay very long.

And suddenly it was time for school again.
I found out that the authors on Y(oung)A(adult)L(iterature)Fest will sign books. They didn’t last year, so I hadn’t bought any yet. Well I had one because it was in the goodiebag last year. So my grandma took me to the store to pick one out and I chose Alice in zombieland. I don’t know if I will like it, but I will find out soon. This week I finished Paper towns after 2 year and read Simon vs. the homo sapiens agenda again. Only I read it in English this time.
During the weekend my mom and I met with some friends and her children to play this years holiday. After we booked something we ate something together.

Next week it was time for my exams, which means I was home a lot. I read some and I drew some. I liked to use my new markers. I read Vermist (a Dutch book) and Freaks like us. I especially loved the second one. On friday my mom and I drove to a place 3 hours away to visit a college. We kind of forgot to bring money to park to car, so we couldn’t stay very long. I saw a really nice bookstore there, so I will visit it when we return in February. I did like to school a lot so I hope it will be as nice the next time. In the weekend my cousin and I planned our trip to London. We will do a lot of Harry Potter stuff and also shop a little. Well the “little” depends on the Harry Potter stuff.

The last week of January I had some more exams. I didn’t do a lot at home, but I did have a good time. I went to the bookstore once and drew some more. In the weekend I had a birthdayparty, so I went to my dad.

This month wasn’t really special for me, but I do have some nice things planned for next month. I think this will be a lot more interesting to read then.


Series and Films
Return of the jedi
The phantom menace
Sherlock Holmes A game of shadows
Sherlock (3 seasons)
The blacklist (Half season)
Mia & me (2 seasons)
Wie is de mol (Dutch program)
Degrassi (1 season)
Inazuma eleven (Half season)
Gilmore girls (Can’t remember)
Fuller house (1 season)
Please like me (3 seasons)


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