Do I like having a bullet journal?

I first heard about the concept of a bullet journal about half a year ago. I really liked the idea, because I’ve been writing lists and things to remember in notebooks for year. So that’s kind of the same. Well, sort of. I watched a lot of video’s on YouTube so I would find out what I like to write down in mine.

I didn’t want to buy one of those expensive books with dots because I didn’t know how long I would keep up with it. It does take a lot of time after all. So I started with a notebook with blank pages.

I wrote in my bullet journal daily for the first 2 months (June and July). I made a monthly overview with the thing that I needed to do and the things I wanted to popst on my blog. Besides that I made a tracker where I wrote down how often I went to the gym, how much fruit I ate and more of that kind of stuff. I really liked this and I wrote about it every day.
The daily’s didn’t go so well. I did draw them anyway, but they always stayed empty. I didn’t like it and it wasn’t interesting for me. I already had the monthly overview anyway. The only thing I did use was the list of thing that I needed to do that week. It didn’t matter when  I did those things, so I couldn’t plan them.
Besides a planner I also used it to make lists and drawings. Because I used it as an agenda it was easy to just grab it and draw some. Fo example I made lists with books that I wanted to read, films and series that I wanted to see and things that I want to write om my blog someday. I hated that they never looked as I wanted, so I stopped them quite fast.

Suddenly it was time for the summer holidays and I totally stopped. I went on a trip and of course didn’t take the book with me. After that I just forgot about it.

At the end of December people started to talk about it some for, especially because the 20170208_155152bullet journal from Blossom Books (A publisher) cam. I decided to give it a chance again, but I did wanted to start again. I taped the pages that I hated – almost all – together and grabbed my markers.

I decided to stop with the daily’s, since I didn’t use it. I did bring the monthly overview and the tracker back. I also made a list with good thing that happened on a day and what I’ve read/watched. I really like writing this down, so it already goes a lot better. sometimes I do forget about the tracker, but usually I remember what I did when. So that’s not a problem.

Besides the monthly stuff I also made lists for the whole year. So do I write down what books I want to read and what series and films I want to watch. I also write down how many follower on my blog and social media I have and I made a bucket list.

I still don’t love how my bullet journal looks, but it’s okay for now. I choose 2 colors to work with ever month so it won’t be too much.  With the other stuff I do use other colors, but not too many. I don’t try to make big drawing in it anymore, because I will never be satisfied with them.

So is a bullet journal something for me? I don’t really know yet. I like some ideas very much and I enjoy to use them. But the origional idea from the daily’s aren’t for me. I like it anyway to use this notebook as a way to keep myself organized in my head.



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