Geslacht Episode 1

When I read on about this program that they had made on Dutch television I was interested straight away. It’s a program about gender and how there’s more than just being a man or a woman. The program was made by Ryanne van Dorst. You probably don’t know her, but in The Netherlands she’s quite famous from being in a reality show and her music (Elle bandita). It was the first time that she did a tv show, but that’s what it made so funny. My mom and I laughed so much about the weird thing she said throughout the show, like “Well that’s long fishing rod, do you have to compensate something?”

This episode was mostly about the differences between men and women and if the lines between that are fading. Personally I don’t think they are fading right now, but people are seeing and accepting it now. Your gender is defined by appearance,  but the are also expectations about your personality. I think a lot of people are now at the point to see through that and see that 2 genders aren’t enough to devide people anymore.


To find an answer to this question Ryanne asks people on the streets about what they think makes a man a man en a woman a woman. A lot of answers are about appereance and not about personality. She also visited 2 people. Patricia Paay, because Ryanne sees her as a real feminine woman. Patricia is a Dutch woman who became famous because of her music. Now she’s just famous from television, but everyone is this country will know her. She also visited Maxim Hartman, because she sees him as a masculine man. I must say I had never heard of him before, but he has a program called “Meer voor mannen” which means more for men. She let them explain what they think about being a man and being a women.

Besides the main question did Ryanne also visit a town hall in a city called Utrecht, because the have gender neutral toilets. A lot of people (I think I may say that) aren’t comfortable whit toilets being for everyone. I don’t really understand why. Like they say in the episode I wouldn’t be okay with it if there were urinals, because I don’t have to see it all. However I don’t care about it when it are just normal toilets. I will feel uncomfortable with peeing with someone next to me, as long as there’s a lock on the door I don’t care about their gender.

Finally (sort of, since I didn’t tell it in the right order) she went to a ritual for her womb. This was mostly funny to watch, because I didn’t really see its usefulness. However this people did have interesting things to say and it was nice to hear how they thought about these things.

I don’t think most of you speak Dutch, but if you do and find this interesting I really think you should watch this show. Ryanne is very funny which makes it besides educating really nice to watch. Every now and then a comment which makes you think “Ooh you really can’t say that…” makes a show so much better than just information. I do think you can really learn a lot from this program.

Because I think this subject is very important to talk about on my blog I cleared the next 3 weeks to talk with you about the episodes. You really should leave in the comments what you think about this subject! Do you think it’s a good thing that the lines are fading or not? All opnions are welcome as long as you tell me why and don’t mean to offend anyone. After this series is finished I was to keep writing about this subject. If you want to tell something about it on my blog you really should leave me a comment or fill in the comtact form on my blog. Do you rather read my reviews? Come back in 4 weeks or read on friday my other book related posts.

Want to see the episode(in Dutch)? Watch it here


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