Geslacht episode 2

Like I’ve told you last week I want to talk with you every week about the geslacht episode. Geslacht is the tv program about gender and how there more then only men and women. I think it’s important that my blog is a place for everyone and not only for the people who like reading. Ofcourse it will remain being my head subjet, but sometimes I want to talk about other stuff. This week it was a little hard for me to watch the episode in time, because I went away a lot. I did it anyway and this post is online in time.

This episode was about the questions: “Why do we only think about men/women en what’s inbetween?” and “The body is central, but how does it influence how female or masculine you feel?”

In the beginning Ryanne went to people who do something that people see as something that the other gender does. So she went to Snorella (Snor means mustache) a¬†transvestite, to ask how Micha feels in his body and why he started being Snorella. I thought it was interesting because people usually see it as being weird. Well I don’t really know much about it because I don’t have any friends who like it. Together they did a hormone test to see if he had few masculine hormones and Ryanne a lot. It turned out they both had more them average people, so it turned out hormones don’t say anything. That was quite interesting because hormones don’t have to influence if you feel like a boy or a girl. It can be, but it doesn’t have to. Micha feels like a man, but Snorella is a big part of him.

Ryanne also attended a posing class for female bodybuilders. These women told her that they still feel very female eventhough the have a lot of muscles. They do it because they sport a lot and are proud of their bodies. Well this was still a lower class, so they weren’t extremely muscular, but you definatly saw it.

Besides this all this episode was also about intersexuals. So she went to a museum to see how it was in the past to be born with female as well as masculine appearance. She also visited Samantha who was born this way. She told her story about how she found out she was this way and how come she was born like this. She found out very late and had some trouble with it. I think it’s amazing how she told her story on tv so soon, but I think she can help a lot of people with it. Now you can see that you don’t have to be ashamed.

Finally she make her own awards to the ideal man en woman, who were chosen by the bnn watcher. Too bad that Arie Boomsma wasn’t there, so she gave the award to her youth hero Carlo Bosxhard. Chantal Jansen was there, but Ryanne didn’t know who she was at first.

And that was this weeks episode. Next week there will be another post about the next episode. If you want to talk about it you should leave it in the comments. I’m curious about your opinion on this program.



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