My Funko’s


I really thought Funko’s were very ugly when I just found out about them to be honest. I didn’t get why people would collect them, because people from series all look the same. Well, that’s what i thought. The more I saw them, the more I liked them and the more I wanted to have them. I ordered a few online and I bought 1 in a store. They aren’t really cheap, so I don’t have many yet. Especially in stores I didn’t want them because of the price. That was until I found out that they are the same price as they are online with shipping. I actually wanted to wait with making this list until I have some more dolls, but I’ve decided to make another one if that ever happens.

Katniss Everdeen (Movies: 231) 20170214_144222-1-kopie
I started my collection with this Katniss doll. It wasn’t my first choice, because I wanted the orignal one from the first games. I actually am happy that I have this one, since it is my all time favorite moment in the movies. The dress is so awesome! I really want to have the other 3 Katniss’s, but I will love this one the most.

Peeta Mellark (Movies: 228)20170214_144153-1-kopie
Soon after that I bought 2 new Funko’s. Why 2? Because it is cheaper, that way I could split the shipping costs. It was my plan to collect the dolls in series, so that’s why I chose another 2 from The hunger games. The Katniss ones were sold out again, so I chose 2 from the other 3. It was a tough choice, because I don’t like Peeta, but he is an important character after all.

President Snow (Movies: 229)20170214_144237-1-kopie
After that I still had to choose between president Snow and Effie, which was even harder. Both dolls are so pretty. I came to the conclusion that there aren’t any Funko’s from the nice characters, well besides Katniss. In the end I picked Snow, but I can’t really remember why. Probably with the idea that I’ll buy Effie another time.

Gerard Way (Rocks: 41)20170214_144110-1-kopie
Like I already said, I wanted to collect series. Well that clearly went wrong. I was looking around on the internet and then I saw that there are Funko’s of Gerard, aka the singer of one of my favorite bands. This one is so beautiful that it wasn’t a hard choice to make. I must say that I think it’s stupid that they don’t have dolls of the other bandsmembers.

Gerard Way (Rocks: 47)20170214_144133-1-kopie
After I walked into a store full of Funko’s I already knew I wouldn’t so home empty handed. First I was looking for another one from The hunger games, but they didn’t have them. I wanted to have one anyway, so I searched some more. Suddenly I say this one. The last Funko that I expected to find there, but I knew I really wanted this one the moment I saw it.

Which Funko’s have you collected?


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