Geslacht episode 3

Just like every week I discuss the new episodes of the program Geslacht! I think it’s important that my blog is a place for everyone and not just for the people who love to read. Well reading is the main subject after all, but I want some change sometimes. I almost failed to watch the episode this week, so I’m sorry that this post is a little late. I hope it doesn’t matter very much.

This week’s episode was about the questions: “Can you think yourself man or women?” and “Is gender between your ears?”

At first Ryanne visited the hiphop artist Mykkie Blance, who discribes themselves as genderqueer. That means that you don’t fit in the borders of man or women, but there still a lot of different gender inbetweet that. Mykkie performs in as well man as womans clothes. I must say I didn’t know this artist, but that’s probably because I’m not a very big hiphop fan. I do love that people have someone like this to look up to in the musicworld.

“Straight people are going to be straight forever. All of those people who were hidden, all of those people who were afraid to come out of their closets now have that feeling of openess, now have that feeling of being able to come into their own.”

After that she went to theĀ political scientist Mounir Samuel. He is apparently quite famous in The Netherlands, but I had never heard of him before. he was born as a woman and was also married to a man. After that he came out as a man and started taking hormones. After Ryanne asked him the question how far he would go he answered: Mentally infinite. I do understand that, because it must be so horrible to get asked about surgery every time.

In the end she met Eveline, a woman who had the biggest part of her life a men’s body. After the death of her wife she came out for het feminity. Because she is already older she won’t get surgery anymore, but she does feel like herself now. It was very funny because Eveline is a real lady and Ryanne absolutely not. The did a high tea together in a restaurant.

That was already this weeks episode. Well last weeks actually, because I’m a week behind. Tonight is the final episode, so next week is my last post about this. There will be more posts about this subject, so you’ll see them coming.



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