Isn’t one concert enough?

If you follow me on Instagram you might have noticed a *cough* little *cough* that I’ve been to a concert last saturday. Together with the girl who lives next to me I went to Utrecht to see a show from 3 different bands.

After having a bus that didn’t came and almost missing another bus and train, we came in Utrecht at the station. We actually didn’t know where it was, but after losing eachother 3 times on a busy market we came there. (Yes the journey was almost the most excting part of the day)

We were quite early and someone came right up to us to write a nummber on our hands. We were number 61 and 62 in line, so that was quite nice. During the first 3 hours we mostly laughed, talked, played a game and a few from the group next to us sat with us for a little while.

After waiting that time I got a message fr20170225_224953om my Friend Aafke and she asked where we were. That was ofcourse very nice, because I never had the chance to meet her before. It was time to get in line very soon after, so we lost her again.

When we were finally done with 5,5 hours of waiting we could go upstairs. We went up in groups from about 20 people, so you had enough time to put your stuff in the lockers. We only had one one 2 euro coin, so we put 2 bags and 2 coats in a locker with place for one coat or a small bag. We don’t know how, but we were so fast that we were at the barricade.

At the beginning there was a show from a band calle20170225_192955d The 101’s and I had never heard of them before. Apparently they came from the same city as me and they were very good! We were very close (read: standing against) a speaker, so we could hear everything very well, except for the vocals. Very smart, because we didn’t find out until the 3th and last band.

After that Frank Iero andthe patience per20170225_203239formed after that. It was so awesome to finally see him live! He was even better than on cd or Spotify. It was probably the first concert ever where all me favorite songs were played, so that was totally awesome! It shouldn’t last a little bit longer though.

In the end the band Taking back sunday performed. It suddenly was a totally different crowd and I had a guy on my back for 45 minutes. Well sort of. Despite that it was a very fun concert and even though we were in the for hours I would be fine with it if it lasted longer.

After the concert we found Aafke back and we talked with her for a little longer. Then we went to the merchtable and both bought a Taking back sundag shirt. I already had a Frank Iero hoodie, so I rather have something new. On the other side of the room there was a The 101’s table where they also were themselves. We found Aafke there again by the way. I bought a shirt and we took a picture with them and some weird people.

We knew very soon that Frank wouldn’t come out anymore, so it was time to go home. In the train – that we nearly missed – we found out that we would miss the last bus of them they. So that really fitted well with the rest of the journey that day.



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