Geslacht episode 4

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Like every week I talk you through the new episode of the program Geslacht! I think it’s important that my blog is a place for everyone and not only for the people who love to read. Well that is the main subject, but I like to talk about other stuff every now and then. Last week was already the final episode of this program. I really hope they will make more episodes someday, because I really enjoyed it

This episode was about the question: Are the Netherlands ready for a 3th sex? So it was the question that will form the conclusion. When to country isn’t ready, there will never be a change.

In the beginning Ryanne went to a gender reveal party, where the gender of the baby would be revealed by means of a cake. They didn’t really care what gender that child would have as long as it was healthy, but they were curious anyway. I must say I agree with Ryanne and think that it’s nonsense, but a party is always fun. No it isn’t. Cake is always fun.

After that she met 2 teenagers who came back from a camp for transgenders. They told about how it’s like to be young and trans, like stuff that happens on school.

She also visited a store with gender neutral clothing. I really like the idea, but I didn’t like most of the clothes. I don’t mind shopping in the men’s section, but there just shouldn’t be names for it. That’s why I think it’s a very good idea to have a store with all clothing for all people.

She went to 2 people from Dutch political parties. First she went to Vera Bergkamp from the D66. She wants to make a law to have a third choice on official documents. That means you can choose man/woman/third choice. They don’t know what the third choice will be yet, but I think it’s important to have. She also went to some guy from the SPG, but his ideas scared me a little. Well not a little, just a lot.

The last person she interviewed was Genesis, someone who I actually didn’t know. So it was a little hard to follow, because it was all about a project were Genesis became famous with. Like I said, I never heard of that. I did like the ideas about gender-free thinking. That should be more normal.

And that was already the end of the series. I really enjoyed it and it was so interesting. Did you like the program if you watched it? Or if you didn’t, did you like these posts anyway?



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