The best moments of February (+ bookhaul and wrap up)

The first weekend of February we had a birthday from a friend of my mother. We stayed a lot longer that we planned (Uhm we didn’t have money to park again), because it was a lot of fun. The day after I was sick again – I already had everything this year – but we did go to a restaurant with my grandma. It was very nice and the food was good. Because I was sick I had the chance to read Alice in  Zombieland, Did I mention I love you, The Jewel and The world of the Hunger games.

Later that week I went to town with grandma and I got to pick a book. I finally have Harry Potter and the cursed child! I went back alone on friday, but I didn’t had the intention to buy anything. I saw The house of stone for only 5 euro, so I had to but it. It’s published in Dutch by the way, not only as ebook. I read it the same day because it’s very thin and I really like that series. Later that day I went to a store where I never went before. A store full of comics, manga’s and Funko’s, not very great to walk in with a full wallet. I bought A new Gerard Way Funko.

On monday I had a day at a college that I might attend. I didn’t knew at what time I had to be there until a week before and it’s really far away, so I didn’t know if I would make it in time. Because of that my mom booked a Bed & breakfast.Just before we left I finished I’d tell you I love you, but then I have to kill you, so I could bring a new book. We left quite late in the afternoon, so we came there during dinner. We went to a very nice restaurant, but it was so much food. In the evening we just watched a little tv in our room. The next day I went to that school, which was so nice. After that I met my mom and the book store. We walked through it and I went home with the new Ya paper and Phobos.

because my mom wasn’t home I went with my grandma to another city. There were a lot of nice things eventhough I didn’t plan on buying stuff. After that we went to a restaurant. We were there too early, but luckily the people were nice enough to open up 30 minutes early. On saturday my mom and I went to town again to buy me a prom dress. We also bought some shoes for that night en went to some other stores. When we were in the bus back I had the idea to go to my moms friends because we hadn’t seen her in a long time. We also had dinner there.

To do something different that other time I went to town with me grandma. Clearly I never do that. This time we didn’t think it through, because it was storming. I needed some stuff anyway and luckily I found it very soon. The next day I bought a dutch childrens book. It used to be my favourite a few years ago. I also read it the same day. My memory is quite empty about the next few days, so it won’t be very special. I only know I read Phobos somewhere. The last day I went to a amazing concert. You will read all about it here.

That was this month for me. What did you do?

Step up
Breaking bad (2 episodes)
Once upon a time (1 season)
Wie is de mol (the new season)
The blacklist (the new season)
Please like me (1 season)
Geslacht (all new episodes)
De slechtste chauffeur (the new season)
Riverdale (the new episodes)



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