What do I miss about my long hair? (And what not)

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If you have followed me for a little longer, I mean longer than my blog, you know that I change my hairstyle a lot. From red to blond(or maybe orange) and from pink to purple. Not only the color changes, but also the style. I used to have very long hair and it became shorter and shorter. Now it is so short! I’ve never had it this short. In this post I’ll tell you about the pros and cons.

I really hated to do my hair, so it always was in my face. I still don’t do much with it, but that’s because I don’t really have a choice. Even a little clip in my hair was to much to ask. Curl my hair took to long, I can’t braid it and pony tails looked very bad. Every now and then I had a period (read: week) where I did do my hair, but it never lasted very long. I just stopped doing my hair again.

Now I’m at the point where I watch a lot more YouTube video’s about hairstyles that I like and can do myself. I used to hate little buns, but now I actually like them. It’s too bad that my hair is too short to do stuff like that right now. I don’t think I will ever have the patience to let my hair grow, but who knows.

An advantage to my short hair is that I am able to curl it now! I still don’t have much talent for it and I can’t reach the back, but it still looks nice right?

Also on pictures I miss my long hair. If I looked very bad I could always make up something with my hair. Well or I could just hide behind it. That’s not really an option anymore and it often looks a little weird now.

The last thing doesn’t really fit with the title, but it’s my haircolor. I like to have bright colors in my hair and at this moment I own pink, yellow and blue dye. Only the blue colors works on my hair, but it’s too dark for the other too. That’s too bad ofcourse, because I don’t want to bleach it. Hopefully this color will fade some more, so I can do it.

On the other side I also hope that it won’t fade, because I really like this colors. It’s different than normal, but still not too overwelming. It’s not like they are ashamed at work and it still suits me. I really like that about it.

What color and style do you prefer with your hair?


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