Wrong book, wrong moment?

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Do you recognize the moment when you do like the idea of a story, but you couldn’t enjoy it? Ofcourse you will, but do you also know the moment when you totally didn’t like a book and you really don’t know why?  Is it possible to read the wrong book at the wrong moment? And what do you do about it?

I was thinking about this when I was writing the blogpost about series that I want to continue. You can read that here if you want to. I didn’t feel like I read Endgame as well as The testing on the right moment. I had a different reason for both books, but I hope I will reread them anyway. I keep having the feeling that I shouldn’t read the again because i already read them, I rarther read a new book and I have so many negative feelings that I’m a bit prejudiced.

With Endgame I had the problem that I wasn’t in the most happy moment of my life and than is a book full of murder not the best idea. Well I should’ve thought of that earlier. I also had only read very romantic books that year. I really hoped I would like this books, so I might try to read it again another time.

Well you can’t only read books that you really feel like reading. Well, in my case. If I would do that I wouldn’t read some kind of book at all anymore. I rather read contemporary that fantasy, so I wouldn’t read that again. Not that I don’t want to, but there would always be another book that I want to read first.

I didn’t like The testing for another reason. It was in a time that I started reading a lot of distopian books, so I already read The hunger games and Divergent that year. And The testing is really similar to those. Even if you don’t to you will compare them to eachother and you will recognize things. That makes the story so much less fun. I try to chance genres after every book that I read, that way I won’t have that problem so much anymore.

Have you ever read the wrong book at the wrong moment?



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