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Isn’t one concert enough?

If you follow me on Instagram you might have noticed a *cough* little *cough* that I’ve been to a concert last saturday. Together with the girl who lives next to me I went to Utrecht to see a show from 3 different bands.

After having a bus that didn’t came and almost missing another bus and train, we came in Utrecht at the station. We actually didn’t know where it was, but after losing eachother 3 times on a busy market we came there. (Yes the journey was almost the most excting part of the day)
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Geslacht episode 3

Just like every week I discuss the new episodes of the program Geslacht! I think it’s important that my blog is a place for everyone and not just for the people who love to read. Well reading is the main subject after all, but I want some change sometimes. I almost failed to watch the episode this week, so I’m sorry that this post is a little late. I hope it doesn’t matter very much.

This week’s episode was about the questions: “Can you think yourself man or women?” and “Is gender between your ears?”

At first Ryanne visited the hiphop artist Mykkie Blance, who discribes themselves as genderqueer. That means that you don’t fit in the borders of man or women, but there still a lot of different gender inbetweet that. Mykkie performs in as well man as womans clothes. I must say I didn’t know this artist, but that’s probably because I’m not a very big hiphop fan. I do love that people have someone like this to look up to in the musicworld.

“Straight people are going to be straight forever. All of those people who were hidden, all of those people who were afraid to come out of their closets now have that feeling of openess, now have that feeling of being able to come into their own.”

After that she went to the political scientist Mounir Samuel. He is apparently quite famous in The Netherlands, but I had never heard of him before. he was born as a woman and was also married to a man. After that he came out as a man and started taking hormones. After Ryanne asked him the question how far he would go he answered: Mentally infinite. I do understand that, because it must be so horrible to get asked about surgery every time.

In the end she met Eveline, a woman who had the biggest part of her life a men’s body. After the death of her wife she came out for het feminity. Because she is already older she won’t get surgery anymore, but she does feel like herself now. It was very funny because Eveline is a real lady and Ryanne absolutely not. The did a high tea together in a restaurant.

That was already this weeks episode. Well last weeks actually, because I’m a week behind. Tonight is the final episode, so next week is my last post about this. There will be more posts about this subject, so you’ll see them coming.


My Funko’s


I really thought Funko’s were very ugly when I just found out about them to be honest. I didn’t get why people would collect them, because people from series all look the same. Well, that’s what i thought. The more I saw them, the more I liked them and the more I wanted to have them. I ordered a few online and I bought 1 in a store. They aren’t really cheap, so I don’t have many yet. Especially in stores I didn’t want them because of the price. That was until I found out that they are the same price as they are online with shipping. I actually wanted to wait with making this list until I have some more dolls, but I’ve decided to make another one if that ever happens.

Katniss Everdeen (Movies: 231) 20170214_144222-1-kopie
I started my collection with this Katniss doll. It wasn’t my first choice, because I wanted the orignal one from the first games. I actually am happy that I have this one, since it is my all time favorite moment in the movies. The dress is so awesome! I really want to have the other 3 Katniss’s, but I will love this one the most.

Peeta Mellark (Movies: 228)20170214_144153-1-kopie
Soon after that I bought 2 new Funko’s. Why 2? Because it is cheaper, that way I could split the shipping costs. It was my plan to collect the dolls in series, so that’s why I chose another 2 from The hunger games. The Katniss ones were sold out again, so I chose 2 from the other 3. It was a tough choice, because I don’t like Peeta, but he is an important character after all.

President Snow (Movies: 229)20170214_144237-1-kopie
After that I still had to choose between president Snow and Effie, which was even harder. Both dolls are so pretty. I came to the conclusion that there aren’t any Funko’s from the nice characters, well besides Katniss. In the end I picked Snow, but I can’t really remember why. Probably with the idea that I’ll buy Effie another time.

Gerard Way (Rocks: 41)20170214_144110-1-kopie
Like I already said, I wanted to collect series. Well that clearly went wrong. I was looking around on the internet and then I saw that there are Funko’s of Gerard, aka the singer of one of my favorite bands. This one is so beautiful that it wasn’t a hard choice to make. I must say that I think it’s stupid that they don’t have dolls of the other bandsmembers.

Gerard Way (Rocks: 47)20170214_144133-1-kopie
After I walked into a store full of Funko’s I already knew I wouldn’t so home empty handed. First I was looking for another one from The hunger games, but they didn’t have them. I wanted to have one anyway, so I searched some more. Suddenly I say this one. The last Funko that I expected to find there, but I knew I really wanted this one the moment I saw it.

Which Funko’s have you collected?

Geslacht episode 2

Like I’ve told you last week I want to talk with you every week about the geslacht episode. Geslacht is the tv program about gender and how there more then only men and women. I think it’s important that my blog is a place for everyone and not only for the people who like reading. Ofcourse it will remain being my head subjet, but sometimes I want to talk about other stuff. This week it was a little hard for me to watch the episode in time, because I went away a lot. I did it anyway and this post is online in time.

This episode was about the questions: “Why do we only think about men/women en what’s inbetween?” and “The body is central, but how does it influence how female or masculine you feel?”

In the beginning Ryanne went to people who do something that people see as something that the other gender does. So she went to Snorella (Snor means mustache) a transvestite, to ask how Micha feels in his body and why he started being Snorella. I thought it was interesting because people usually see it as being weird. Well I don’t really know much about it because I don’t have any friends who like it. Together they did a hormone test to see if he had few masculine hormones and Ryanne a lot. It turned out they both had more them average people, so it turned out hormones don’t say anything. That was quite interesting because hormones don’t have to influence if you feel like a boy or a girl. It can be, but it doesn’t have to. Micha feels like a man, but Snorella is a big part of him.

Ryanne also attended a posing class for female bodybuilders. These women told her that they still feel very female eventhough the have a lot of muscles. They do it because they sport a lot and are proud of their bodies. Well this was still a lower class, so they weren’t extremely muscular, but you definatly saw it.

Besides this all this episode was also about intersexuals. So she went to a museum to see how it was in the past to be born with female as well as masculine appearance. She also visited Samantha who was born this way. She told her story about how she found out she was this way and how come she was born like this. She found out very late and had some trouble with it. I think it’s amazing how she told her story on tv so soon, but I think she can help a lot of people with it. Now you can see that you don’t have to be ashamed.

Finally she make her own awards to the ideal man en woman, who were chosen by the bnn watcher. Too bad that Arie Boomsma wasn’t there, so she gave the award to her youth hero Carlo Bosxhard. Chantal Jansen was there, but Ryanne didn’t know who she was at first.

And that was this weeks episode. Next week there will be another post about the next episode. If you want to talk about it you should leave it in the comments. I’m curious about your opinion on this program.


Series I want to finish #1

A lot of you will probably recognize this problem, but half of my bookshelves are filled with the half of series or only the first book. Sometimes I didn’t like the first book, so in that case it will stay that way. Other times I did read the other books, but I don’t own them. For example with the Scarlett Wakefield book. I have book 2 and 4 and my cousin has 1 and 3. However most of the unfinished series on my shelves are just there because I never got to buy the rest. Every time I go to the bookstore I see another book that I want to read first and I just leave the series for later.

First of all: The Endgame series. I got the first book during the Veronica Roth event in a goodiebag… Yup, that’s 1,5 year ago. I read it during the Blossom Books read-a-thon, with was last May. I can’t remember much of it, only that I absolutely hated it. Why would I want to read the rest of the series? Well I did like the idea of the story and I also think I know why I didn’t like it. The onlly other books that I’d read that year were contemporary books and the first 3 books from The selection. So a book about murder didn’t really fit in. Because I did like the idea I look forward to read the other books SOMEDAY.

I also have a series that isn’t that long ago since I read the first book, which was the book Reboot. I got it for my birthday last year and I remember that I read it very fast after it, so I guess around October. I really enjoyed reboot from the start. The story was fun and exciting, so actually everything that I expected. Just after I finished it the second book was brought out, but I never bought it. I don’t really know why, because I really want to know how the story goes. I just never did it.

Finally The testing, another book that I read a really long time ago. I can’t really remember when, but at least a year ago. Just like Endgame a story that I absolutely didn’t like, but a little worse. With every little thing that happened I was like “I’ve already read this somewhere”, “Hé this happens there” or “I know this”. Not very great while reading as you can imagine. Now I’m at the point that I’m finally over it, so I think I’m ready to continue the series. It does sound really nice and a lot of people said I should read it, so I might do it sometime.

What series do you want to finish?

Geslacht Episode 1

When I read on about this program that they had made on Dutch television I was interested straight away. It’s a program about gender and how there’s more than just being a man or a woman. The program was made by Ryanne van Dorst. You probably don’t know her, but in The Netherlands she’s quite famous from being in a reality show and her music (Elle bandita). It was the first time that she did a tv show, but that’s what it made so funny. My mom and I laughed so much about the weird thing she said throughout the show, like “Well that’s long fishing rod, do you have to compensate something?”

This episode was mostly about the differences between men and women and if the lines between that are fading. Personally I don’t think they are fading right now, but people are seeing and accepting it now. Your gender is defined by appearance,  but the are also expectations about your personality. I think a lot of people are now at the point to see through that and see that 2 genders aren’t enough to devide people anymore.


To find an answer to this question Ryanne asks people on the streets about what they think makes a man a man en a woman a woman. A lot of answers are about appereance and not about personality. She also visited 2 people. Patricia Paay, because Ryanne sees her as a real feminine woman. Patricia is a Dutch woman who became famous because of her music. Now she’s just famous from television, but everyone is this country will know her. She also visited Maxim Hartman, because she sees him as a masculine man. I must say I had never heard of him before, but he has a program called “Meer voor mannen” which means more for men. She let them explain what they think about being a man and being a women.

Besides the main question did Ryanne also visit a town hall in a city called Utrecht, because the have gender neutral toilets. A lot of people (I think I may say that) aren’t comfortable whit toilets being for everyone. I don’t really understand why. Like they say in the episode I wouldn’t be okay with it if there were urinals, because I don’t have to see it all. However I don’t care about it when it are just normal toilets. I will feel uncomfortable with peeing with someone next to me, as long as there’s a lock on the door I don’t care about their gender.

Finally (sort of, since I didn’t tell it in the right order) she went to a ritual for her womb. This was mostly funny to watch, because I didn’t really see its usefulness. However this people did have interesting things to say and it was nice to hear how they thought about these things.

I don’t think most of you speak Dutch, but if you do and find this interesting I really think you should watch this show. Ryanne is very funny which makes it besides educating really nice to watch. Every now and then a comment which makes you think “Ooh you really can’t say that…” makes a show so much better than just information. I do think you can really learn a lot from this program.

Because I think this subject is very important to talk about on my blog I cleared the next 3 weeks to talk with you about the episodes. You really should leave in the comments what you think about this subject! Do you think it’s a good thing that the lines are fading or not? All opnions are welcome as long as you tell me why and don’t mean to offend anyone. After this series is finished I was to keep writing about this subject. If you want to tell something about it on my blog you really should leave me a comment or fill in the comtact form on my blog. Do you rather read my reviews? Come back in 4 weeks or read on friday my other book related posts.

Want to see the episode(in Dutch)? Watch it here

Do I like having a bullet journal?

I first heard about the concept of a bullet journal about half a year ago. I really liked the idea, because I’ve been writing lists and things to remember in notebooks for year. So that’s kind of the same. Well, sort of. I watched a lot of video’s on YouTube so I would find out what I like to write down in mine.

I didn’t want to buy one of those expensive books with dots because I didn’t know how long I would keep up with it. It does take a lot of time after all. So I started with a notebook with blank pages.

I wrote in my bullet journal daily for the first 2 months (June and July). I made a monthly overview with the thing that I needed to do and the things I wanted to popst on my blog. Besides that I made a tracker where I wrote down how often I went to the gym, how much fruit I ate and more of that kind of stuff. I really liked this and I wrote about it every day.
The daily’s didn’t go so well. I did draw them anyway, but they always stayed empty. I didn’t like it and it wasn’t interesting for me. I already had the monthly overview anyway. The only thing I did use was the list of thing that I needed to do that week. It didn’t matter when  I did those things, so I couldn’t plan them.
Besides a planner I also used it to make lists and drawings. Because I used it as an agenda it was easy to just grab it and draw some. Fo example I made lists with books that I wanted to read, films and series that I wanted to see and things that I want to write om my blog someday. I hated that they never looked as I wanted, so I stopped them quite fast.

Suddenly it was time for the summer holidays and I totally stopped. I went on a trip and of course didn’t take the book with me. After that I just forgot about it.

At the end of December people started to talk about it some for, especially because the 20170208_155152bullet journal from Blossom Books (A publisher) cam. I decided to give it a chance again, but I did wanted to start again. I taped the pages that I hated – almost all – together and grabbed my markers.

I decided to stop with the daily’s, since I didn’t use it. I did bring the monthly overview and the tracker back. I also made a list with good thing that happened on a day and what I’ve read/watched. I really like writing this down, so it already goes a lot better. sometimes I do forget about the tracker, but usually I remember what I did when. So that’s not a problem.

Besides the monthly stuff I also made lists for the whole year. So do I write down what books I want to read and what series and films I want to watch. I also write down how many follower on my blog and social media I have and I made a bucket list.

I still don’t love how my bullet journal looks, but it’s okay for now. I choose 2 colors to work with ever month so it won’t be too much.  With the other stuff I do use other colors, but not too many. I don’t try to make big drawing in it anymore, because I will never be satisfied with them.

So is a bullet journal something for me? I don’t really know yet. I like some ideas very much and I enjoy to use them. But the origional idea from the daily’s aren’t for me. I like it anyway to use this notebook as a way to keep myself organized in my head.


The best moments of January


Can you believe a new year is here?
I started my year with doing absolutely nothing. Well not nothing, I watched a few films again.
On tuesday my mom and I decided it was time to go outside, so we wanted to shop. I only bought This amazing book is not on fire, but it was still a lot of fun. During the rest of my holiday I read The sky is everywhere, This amazing book is not on fire and We were liars.
On sunday we went to our annual new year’s party. It was a lot of fun, but we couldn’t stay very long.

And suddenly it was time for school again.
I found out that the authors on Y(oung)A(adult)L(iterature)Fest will sign books. They didn’t last year, so I hadn’t bought any yet. Well I had one because it was in the goodiebag last year. So my grandma took me to the store to pick one out and I chose Alice in zombieland. I don’t know if I will like it, but I will find out soon. This week I finished Paper towns after 2 year and read Simon vs. the homo sapiens agenda again. Only I read it in English this time.
During the weekend my mom and I met with some friends and her children to play this years holiday. After we booked something we ate something together.

Next week it was time for my exams, which means I was home a lot. I read some and I drew some. I liked to use my new markers. I read Vermist (a Dutch book) and Freaks like us. I especially loved the second one. On friday my mom and I drove to a place 3 hours away to visit a college. We kind of forgot to bring money to park to car, so we couldn’t stay very long. I saw a really nice bookstore there, so I will visit it when we return in February. I did like to school a lot so I hope it will be as nice the next time. In the weekend my cousin and I planned our trip to London. We will do a lot of Harry Potter stuff and also shop a little. Well the “little” depends on the Harry Potter stuff.

The last week of January I had some more exams. I didn’t do a lot at home, but I did have a good time. I went to the bookstore once and drew some more. In the weekend I had a birthdayparty, so I went to my dad.

This month wasn’t really special for me, but I do have some nice things planned for next month. I think this will be a lot more interesting to read then.


Series and Films
Return of the jedi
The phantom menace
Sherlock Holmes A game of shadows
Sherlock (3 seasons)
The blacklist (Half season)
Mia & me (2 seasons)
Wie is de mol (Dutch program)
Degrassi (1 season)
Inazuma eleven (Half season)
Gilmore girls (Can’t remember)
Fuller house (1 season)
Please like me (3 seasons)

Paper towns – John Green


Title: Paper towns
Author: John Green
Publisher: Penguin
Genre: Young Adult
Price: €9,36
Rating: 5/10

Quentin Jacobsen has spent a lifetime loving the magnificently adventurous Margo Roth Spiegelman from afar. So when she cracks open a window and climbs back into his life–dressed like a ninja and summoning him for an ingenious campaign of revenge–he follows.
After their all-nighter ends and a new day breaks, Q arrives at school to discover that Margo, always an enigma, has now become a mystery. But Q soon learns that there are clues–and they’re for him. Urged down a disconnected path, the closer he gets, the less Q sees of the girl he thought he knew.

It took me 2 years to read this books, does that say enough? Probably. I started this book during my summer holidays 2 years ago full of expectations, the other John Green books were amazing. With all the other books I had a tough time getting through the first half, but it was worse with this one. After like a 150 pages I had no idea what I was reading, which was very annoying ofcourse, so I decided to put this book away. Continue reading